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An apology (re: epidural post) February 23, 2005

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I’ve been thinking long and hard about my post re: the epidural shirts Target was selling and I want to make an apology. I also have other information I’d like to share and follow up on regarding epidurals and my original post, but I will do that at another time, in another post.

First of all, oy! What was I thinking making a post about epidurals (specifically sharing my excitement that a letter I wrote to Target made a difference) the very first post on my blog?! Could I have chosen a more heated topic??! I have to admit at the time I was just so elated that a bunch of women writing letters could bring about a positive change that I didn’t even consider that some people might read what I had to say and take offense at it. (Again, for the record, my issue was with Target for selling a shirt that advertised drug use, not with women who get epidurals.) I wish I would’ve posted something more tame – like an introduction telling about me and my reasons for starting this blog – before I delved into such controversy, but I can’t go back and change that now. Live and learn.

Back to my reason for this post. I realize that I made a generalization about women who receive epidurals and I don’t believe that was fair of me at all. I can’t speak for the reasons why women get epidurals. I should have made some clarifier, like “based on the people I’ve spoken with through my job and on various message boards, etc., I’m lead to believe that the majority of women don’t think twice about having an epidural.” But do I honestly know how thoroughly they’ve researched their options or taken into consideration the risks involved in receiving an epidural? No. (However, now I’m thinking about doing some polls to get a feel for their motivations, etc.) Anyway, my point is that it’s unfair for me to speak for anyone other than myself, so I apologize for making generalizations and I apologize to anyone who I offended by making those generalizations. I’m truly sorry.

Thanks for reading.


7 Responses to “An apology (re: epidural post)”

  1. jms Says:

    Thank you for posting your apology. I very much appreciated it. You already know how I feel; thank you for being concerned about the feelings of the people who read your website that may not share your same views. 🙂

  2. Tanya Says:

    Being one who has had an epidural I did not take offense to your entry. I guess it helps that I know the sort of person you are though (which would be kind and caring BTW;).

    I think the great thing here is, this is YOUR BLOG. You can talk about what is on your mind, what is going on in your life, things you feel strongly about. I guess I just don’t think that you were out of line to warrant an apology. JMO of course as I guess others saw differently.

  3. vitalspark Says:

    I agree with Tanya that this is your blog and it’s your right to state your views abt whatever you want. Not everyone is going to agree with everything everyone has to say and I think it’s up to each of us individually to not get upset with your viewpoints…or anyone else’s. I guess I just feel that when you are comfy with your own decisions you don’t have to worry abt what other ppl think about them or you. You should be happy with the thoughts and ideas you have bc they have helped you make the best decisions for *your* family. I appreciate that you care abt other ppl’s feelings but we should also care abt yours and allow you to be guilt free when you post your thoughts for us view. *Thank you* for letting me get to you who you really are through your blog. 🙂 I have now begun recycling bc you reminded me that it’s another way to help our children enjoy a better future. I think there is plenty to learn from someone like you if we only choose to. 🙂

  4. jms Says:

    I’m not saying Amy should feel guilty about posting her beliefs and how she is raising her child, but she is posting for the public to read and she just needs to be careful about generalizing statements that she makes, which she realized she did which is why she posted the apology.

  5. NicoleL Says:

    OK, I admit it. I stalked your blog (blush). I had to go back and read the original post to see what all the fuss was about. I don’t see what was offensive about it. (and FTR, good or bad I’ve had an epi.) I could see people getting their panties in a wad if you’d said “only morons get epis” or “epis should be illegal so no one could get them” but even then it’s YOUR blog and there is NOTHING saying that your opinions have to make other people happy! Sheesh! You are clearly a very kind person who cares and feels things deeply. I’m sorry people are like this and you felt bad about this.


  6. jen-k Says:

    I thought what Amy originally did by sending off a letter to oppose something she thinks is wrong is admirable. We should all be so proactive about what we believe. As a result, the topic evolved into controversy about epis. After some thought, Amy decided that she wanted to post an apology for some things she had written in previous posts. I think, since she is a thoughtful woman, she probably decided that she had good reasons for extending an apology and that we should allow her to do that. It seems like people are now jumping on her back for apologizing in the same way that people were originally jumping on her back about epis. Let’s let Amy be Amy, hey?

  7. vitalspark Says:

    I’m not jumping on Amy’s back for apologizing and I am letting Amy be Amy. I’m glad that she thought over one of her comments and realized that it wasn’t her place to make a generalized statement. However, I don’t think she has to feel bad about posting her thoughts….she’s just trying to help make a difference where she thinks a difference can be made. I think that the whole reason the epid post was blown out of proportion was bc some ppl started making unkind remarks towards her abt what she feels. It’s funny that some ppl were offended so they then needed to offend or something. I don’t see an apology from the ppl that made unkind remarks to her abt her beliefs…in the epid post or others. I think it takes a big person to admit when they make a mistake, say something hurtful, etc and I’m glad that Amy is big enough to do that.

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