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Good times, good times April 14, 2005

Filed under: Ava,Breastfeeding,Family and Friends,Kids,My life — amygeekgrl @ 4:53 pm

We got back from our trip on Monday, a day later than planned, due to a snow storm in Denver on Sunday. But that was ok by me. It allowed us to spend an extra day with my friend Jennifer. 🙂

The trip went really, really well. All the babies traveled well and were quite adaptable despite the change to their daily routines. Ava was great on the plane – both ways – and nursed to sleep for most of the flights. When she wasn’t sleeping, she enjoyed flirting with other passengers or looking out the window. 😉

The only real bummer of the trip was that Clare, Jen’s daughter, caught the flu so she stayed home with daddy and wasn’t able to come out with all of us.

It was interesting having 3 little ones in a hotel, and they all spent a lot of time roaming/crawling around on the floor. Thankfully I’m way over my germophobe phase with Ava, or I’m sure I would’ve been freaking out! I mean, I still thought it was kinda yucky, but what could I do? The girl wanted to explore. hehe.

We all went out to eat a few times (had great BBQ one night at Jen’s place) and spent some time walking around downtown Kansas City. I had no idea it was such a pretty and neat little city! It was really green and all of the flowers were in bloom. 🙂

We’re thinking about trying to do a little get-together like this once a year, maybe out this way near Denver next year. 🙂 I was thinking it would be awesome to rent a big house on a beach, in the woods or somewhere one year. We’ll see. It was good to see my friends – Jen, Tracy, Janelle and Jeanne – and their babies – Clare, Eddy and Nicole – and I hope we can do it again.


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