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Good things come to those who piss and moan June 11, 2005

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Just when I resigned myself to the fact that my neighbors would be living next door to us for the summer, Jody (my husband) says to me this morning while looking out the front door, “There’s a moving truck next door.”

I thought he was pulling my leg. So I took a gander out the window, and sure enough, there it was!

Not wanting to get our hopes up and assume they were actually moving, we thought of other scenarios where they might require a moving truck. Other than selling off the girl gang and their belongings to gypsies, we couldn’t come up with anything that made much sense.

Could it be? Could they actually be moving??

As we were leaving our fortress of solitude to run errands this afternoon, we ran into the mom out front. We asked what was up and she informed us that they were in fact moving. I quickly asked about the status of the house – was it still up for sale? (I.e. Would we have peace and quiet for a few months?) Would they be renting it? (Lots of homes in our neighborhood seem to be becoming rental property lately. The house on the other side of us is. That has it’s good points and bad points, but that’s a story for another day.) She said it had sold and they were closing on it on Wednesday. That struck me as odd since they never put up a “sold” sign (and I figured that was required so the Realtor would get credit, etc.), but I will take it! 🙂 They sold it to a single mom who’s a teacher in our local school district. Current neighbor mom says she’s really nice and she’ll bring her by and introduce her this week if I’m around.

It’s amazing how friendly I became towards her once I found out they would only be in our lives for a few more days. I nearly volunteered to go over and help her pack boxes. Nearly, I said. 😉

So now I can heave a sigh of relief knowing we won’t have to worry about the girl gang running down our party-goers or giving our guests any exciting trampoline performances. (Though that would have made for free entertainment.)

Ahhh, sweet victory. 🙂


7 Responses to “Good things come to those who piss and moan”

  1. Running2Ks Says:

    Woo hoo, and a teacher too. Don’t be a martyr. Enjoy your new freedom. I’m so happy for you 🙂

  2. Rowan Says:

    You’re rid of the spectacle.
    But you know, every neighborhood must have one.
    Will you be taking applications or somple filling in, yourself?

  3. amygeekgrl Says:

    Thanks ladies. I believe they got most of their furniture out yesterday and the trampoline is coming down today! Woohoo! 🙂

    As for who the new neighborhood spectacle will be – I have no doubt a suitable replacement will emerge soon enough. 😉

  4. Darlene Says:

    So glad you got neighbors that will work out so great. Wnenever we get anyone into our neighborhood, which isn’t often, because everyone loves it here, we neighbors always huddle together and try to get gossip about the “newbies,” hoping they’ll fit in.

    Since you’re also the Goddess of Solving Problems Naturally, can you help me? One of my friends has some real garden pests: raccoons that are trying to get at her bird feeders to get the seeds. Also, she’s afraid they’ll go after the fish on her deck. We both love the critters, but how do you deter raccoons from bird feeders and fish?

  5. Marla Says:

    Just try not to skip ahead of the moving truck, waving pennants and wearing a t-shirt that says “GOOD RIDDANCE”, because then the neighbours might be able to tell you’re glad they’re going, okay?

    P.S. I have a great recipe for Poo candy if you’re interested very special going away present for them.

  6. amygeekgrl Says:

    Poo candy, eh? I’m intrigued. 😉

  7. Rowan Says:

    Oooh, Me too!

    Can you leave it on a door step?

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