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The need for speed August 5, 2005

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My loving husband has a need for speed. I know this because in the time we’ve been together (7 years), he’s received around 7 speeding tickets (give or take a few).

Seven tickets might not seem like a lot to some people, but it’s seven more than I’ve had, EVER. I know, I know he drives a lot more than I do, so he’s at an increased risk of getting one (provided that he speeds, which he does). But that’s roughly one ticket per year (and I’m sure I’m being lenient on the number he’s actually received).

The latest ticket came last night for going 73 in a 55 mph zone. The fee schedule is like this:
Penalty is, $60 for No convictions on a point traffic offense
within the prior 36 months, from date of current offense. The
Points shall be reduced by two (2).
Penalty is, $80 for One conviction on a point traffic offense within
the prior 36 months, from date of current offense. The points shall
be reduced by one (1).
Penalty is, $100 for Two convictions on point traffic offenses within
the prior 36 months, from date of current offense. The points shall
Remain as originally charged.

I don’t think he’s had any point traffic offenses in the last 36 months, but I don’t really remember. (They tend to come in waves.) I know he’s recently had a couple of those speeding tickets where they take your picture and – surprise! – the ticket arrives in the mail a week or two later (no points with those). So it will likely be either $60 or $80 and 2 or 3 points. Ugh. It’s the points that really get me because I know it’s going to drive our insurance rates up.

He is frustrated with the whole thing because the speed limit was 55 mph on this straight five-lane highway where he received the ticket. While on another highway he frequently travels, which is two lanes, hilly and windy, the speed limit is 60 mph. How does that make any sense? So he believes the five-laner was made to be a speed trap. (And noted that there were four cop cars driving up and down patrolling it last night.)

So if you know it’s a speed trap, why speed? I understand he wasn’t trying to speed (I don’t think most people are). But it just “didn’t feel right going 55.” “Felt too slow,” he said.

I know my pissing and moaning isn’t going to make the ticket go away. But I figure if I get out my frustrations here, I’ll be less likely to brood all day and take them out on Jody when he comes home tonight. Believe me, he already knows I’m pissed, and harping on him further won’t help matters either.

So here goes, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-
There, I feel better already.

Thanks for letting me vent. 😉


One Response to “The need for speed”

  1. Tiffiny Says:

    Better to get your anger out on your blog. I one time was pissed at my ex, and wrote him a nasty email. I then sent it to MYSELF. One day I found the email on my fridge, and then immediately changed my email password. (People, don’t use your name!!)

    Also…..the speed limits are so crazy. All over town it’s basically 40, but then some places 45 or 50. These areas are still populated with people and stuff. But in some areas of town where we should be able to drive faster, the speed limit is 40. Of course, that’s where all the cops hang out.

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