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15 minutes August 18, 2005

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Just a Girl asks in her blog today – Have you experienced your 15 minutes of fame yet?

I would say that I have.

I was in a Peugeot (French car) magazine about six years ago when they ran an article about people with webcam sites. Yes, I used to have a cam site. (No, it didn’t have nudity or anything, just my day-to-day life). Don’t ask me why a car magazine was running an article about cam sites, but they did!

I was in a segment Fox news did about HypnoBirthing when I was pregnant with Ava. They were interviewing a friend of mine who is a HB instructor and they showed some footage of her practicing some relaxation techniques with me. I looked like a big dork, especially because I wore a bright green maternity shirt with my big ol’ belly. What was I thinking?

Hmm, that’s all that comes to mind.

So, what about you? Have you had *your* 15 minutes of fame? Feel free to answer in comments below or on your own blog. 🙂


11 Responses to “15 minutes”

  1. Laura Says:

    I have 🙂 I posted about it-

  2. Running2Ks Says:

    Aside from walking in charity walks or brewery tours and accidentally ending up on the news–not yet. I did get on the news once when a neighbor’s house blew up. But that doesn’t count. I’ll just keep watching my famous fellow bloggers 🙂

  3. I came upon your site from Runnin2ks, and I will definitely be stopping in often!

    I haven’t had my 15 minutes of fame yet, but I have faith it’ll happen sometime : )

  4. Amy Says:

    I guess I’ve had mine…I had an interview with Redbook magazine and had a page in their section ‘what type of mom are you’ that they ran a couple months ago. My page was on being a SAHM. It was pretty cool to see my picture and my daughter’s picture in the magazine!

  5. Marla Says:

    More than I’d care to admit. Having the title of “Marla the Prize Queen of the Living Elvis Karaoke” is both a blessing and a curse, you know.

    Fame just FINDS me.

    Congrats on the store!

  6. amygeekgrl Says:

    Great stories!!

    Laura – That’s awesome!

    R2K – I think being on the news counts. Sorry to hear about the house blowing up. That bites!

    Halloweenlover – Welcome. Glad ya found me.

    Amy – Very cool. And welcome.

    Marla – You crack me up. LOL Haven’t seen any new posts from you lately. Hope things are going ok.

  7. Let’s see . . . I’ve been in newspaper articles at least 4 times–one was a front-page article about me when I graduated from high school (because I was a homeschooler who scored very high on the SAT), one was in a college newspaper, and the others were incidental items where I just happened to be a cute kid for a photograph opportunity. I’ve been on the news a couple of times (not stories about me–I just happened to be in the right place at the right time). I’ve been quoted extensively in a book. And I’ve spoken to large groups of people a few times. I loved that, because I was able to speak to and connect with the audience in a special way and share things that were helpful to them. So I guess that’s a yes. 🙂

  8. Oh, and I have had some of my writing published, and have won prizes for some of my arts and crafts. That’s always thrilling.

  9. amygeekgrl Says:

    PK –
    I’d say you’ve definitely had your 15 minutes (and then some! LOL). Very cool. Where have you been published? What do you write? Also, what kinds of arts and crafts do you do?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

  10. Well, I majored in creative writing and journalism (plus Bible) and minored in art and public speaking in college (2 different universities), so the writing and speaking is what I’m trained for. I really love communicating with groups of people, especially when I can connect or help them in some way.

    I’ve had several articles and poems on various topics published in newsletters and small publications, but the only article I’ve had published so far in a more “major” magazine (and which paid pretty well) was about using crafts and activities to teach Sunday School, in Evangelizing Today’s Child.

    I like to write about a little bit of everything; mostly non-fiction, but some fiction as well. Lately I mostly just blog; but I see it as a way to keep practicing and honing my writing. Blogging is more off-the-cuff with less editing and sharpening than more formal writing, but it’s still fun and is good practice.

    The book I was (anonymously) quoted in was about the subculture I grew up in, the view of authority and the approach to betrothal/courtship, and why the author and I think some of the more extreme teachings in that culture are counterproductive and extrabiblical.

    Some online articles I’ve written about theology and, on a different note, about recovery/healing/coping with painful circumstances have turned out to be really helpful to some people and have gotten reposted and passed around quite a bit. I’m really thankful that my experience and pain has been used to help others.

    I like just about every kind of art and craft–from drawing and painting to woodburning and crocheting. I am a freelance graphic designer and make logos, websites, brochures, business cards etc. also.

    Most recently I mostly crochet items and sell them or give them as gifts. I entered 5 crocheted items in the county fair this year and was suprised to get blue ribbons on all 5–that was fun. There are pictures of some of them on my blog here and I’ll probably be posting pics of the rest this weekend as I put them up for sale. (Hope you don’t mind the link, since you asked. 🙂 )

  11. Rowan Says:

    My midwife’s assistant took a bunch of photos during Maya’s birth. She gave me copies and I never really gave it a second thought.
    Years later, though, when I was researching Midwifery schools, I ordered a brochure from SMS. Imagine my surprise when I opened it up to find a tasteful photo of myself in the final moments of pushing.
    I guess that’s about it. Maybe not 15 minutes, per se, but it was definitely (ahem) exposure.

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