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Lil update and weekend recap (pics) September 6, 2005

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I’m happy to say that Miss Ava is doing very well. Her fever has been gone since Friday (the night we went to the ER) and she hasn’t had any more blood in her urine since Friday night. The culture came back negative for a UTI (urinary tract infection) so we aren’t exactly sure what the deal was. Her doc is confused as well since there was definitely blood in her urine. Anyway, she wants Ava to continue with the antibiotics for 7 days and we have a follow-up appt. to see her tomorrow. Thanks again for all of your positive thoughts for Ava. 🙂
Couple pics from the ER (Ava got to wear a cute lil gown again.):

The visit with the in-laws this weekend went really well. They brought Ava’s birthday present – a dollhouse bookshelf (which Jody had a helluva time assembling, hee hee) – with them and some cute outfits. Ava really likes the bookshelf. I have a feeling it will be more of a toy than a place to store her books. 😉 They got to see our community garden and helped us pick a bunch of veggies. (My father-in-law is a master gardener.) Jody and my FIL tackled a couple projects around the house – namely fixing our front gutter so that it actually drains now (hooray!!) and cutting down a couple dead aspen in our backyard. We spent some time on Sunday driving around in the mountains and my MIL made dinner dinner for us Sunday night, complete with fresh green beans from our garden. They left Monday morning, headed for Mount Rushmore.
Couple pics from our drive into the mountains:
Ava in the stream with Daddy.

Ava with Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa.

Yesterday, Jody, Ava and I went for about a 5 1/2 mile hike up to a reservoir. The weather was perfect for it and Ava did very well in the Ergo (and conked out on the walk back). It was really nice to get out in nature and do something as a family. 🙂
Pics from our hike:


15 Responses to “Lil update and weekend recap (pics)”

  1. What a beautiful family! I’m glad to hear that Ava is better, poor little girl.

  2. Marla Says:

    It did my heart good to see some happy. Thanks.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    I am also glad that Ava is feeling better and that you had such a nice time with family. Great pictures! I’m curious about your carrier. Is is comfortable to wear? How much does Ava weigh? (I know it’s not polite to ask that of a lady, but I’m just trying to gauge if it would be worthwile to get one for my son at this point.)

  4. Jody Says:

    Ava, according to the recent ER visit, is 27 lbs 6 oz. The “Ergo” is quite comfortable and handles her weight fine. We are thinking we would like a hard framed pack for her though because she can’t really see much other than side to side. The biggest drawback is that she is held so close that her front and my back were quite soaked by the time we got to the top of the trail. The nice thing was, she was quite snug to sleep on the way back down. Plus, it was very sweet to have her rubbing my back or sides.

  5. Beckie Says:

    Oh! That Ergo looks soo comfy! I want one!! *pouting*

    Glad to know little one is feeling better, she does look cute in her gown, and hopefully she will never have to look cute in one again 🙂

  6. JAG Says:

    I’m glad she’s doing better. That’s so stressful when your baby is sick. She looks too cute in the hospital gown and your pictures are awesome!How fun!!!!!

  7. Cath Says:

    Pics are super. She looks so cute in that hospital gown!

    Love the baby carrier, we have a huge contraption that is very heavy and bulky!

  8. Running2Ks Says:

    YAY! I am so glad Ava is better. I was really worried. Your live in a beautiful place, you have a beautiful (and helpful!) family. Oh, and my little one wears the rainbow shirt too 🙂

  9. Katy Says:

    I am glad to hear little Ava is feeling better and I am coming to steal the Oscar shirt!!!

  10. julie476 Says:

    I’m glad Ava’s feeling better! Looks like you had a fun weekend. 🙂

    (this is julie424 from sk, by the way)

  11. amygeekgrl Says:

    Thank you all so much for the comments. 🙂

    Elizabeth – Jody already answered you about how much our chunky monkey 😉 weighs, but I wanted to add a little bit about the Ergo. Personally, I can’t comfortably carry her in it anymore. Maybe I don’t adjust it right, but I think she’s just too big for me. I always preferred the front carry on it when she was younger too.
    That said, they have come out w/ a redesign on the Ergo and I hear it’s wonderful. Personally, I’d like a hard frame backpack for our hikes. I think it would be handy now that she’s older and bigger.

    Katy – Back away from the Oscar shirt. 😉

    Cath and Julie476 – Glad to have you stop by! 🙂

  12. Tiffiny Says:

    Finally catching up! LOVE the pictures. Your family is so stinking adorable!

  13. Rowan Says:

    Also loving the Oscar shirt. Too cute! But nothing compared to your adorable family. I love the pictures.

    You look pretty good for being in an E.R., too, I might add. I always look like some film noir villainess in the hospital photos.

    Someday, I’ll make it to CO. Chris has family there. They live in Greely…wherever that is. Your lovely pictures inspire me to go see them sooner than later.

  14. Monkey Says:

    Ava is absolutely beautiful!!!


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