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SPF – Funny and creative?? September 16, 2005

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The theme for this week’s SPF (Self Portrait Friday) involves doing something funny. Katy says, “Be creative. Use something in or around your house.”
I tried to come up with something good, but I just wasn’t feeling very creative tonight. (I was actually pretty close to taking a break from the whole picture day thing. I really need to choose a couple and stick w/ just them or rotate every week or something. I’ve got picture burnout. LOL) Please excuse the lil miss and me being in our PJs. We were getting ready for bed. And I had to take the pics myself cuz the old man was out playing D&D with his buddies. (OMG, did I just admit that publicly??)

Check out the artwork we’ve got on our walls. Watch out or the little one will reach out and grab ya! 😉

Go see what the rest of the bunch came up with over at The Dirty Days.


9 Responses to “SPF – Funny and creative??”

  1. Ninotchka Says:

    Hey! I love this. Especially the way little ms. thing is hanging on to the frame. It really adds dimension. COOL.

  2. Katy Says:

    Unbelievable!!!You are one awesome girl.

  3. How do you do that with the hand? That is so cool!

  4. amygeekgrl Says:

    Thanks. I didn’t feel very creative last night, but I guess it turned out ok.

    A military mom – My daughter and I are standing behind the frame (no glass) so she’s just reaching through it. And then I Photoshopped the pics a bit to make it look more like they are hanging on a wall. 😉

  5. Jana Says:

    Too cool!

    I finally got mine up if you wanna come take a gander.

  6. JAG Says:

    That’s awesome!!!

  7. SuZan Says:

    How very cool! I love your pictures… and you didn’t feel creative? I wonder what you would do if you felt creative? Happy SPF!

  8. Running2Ks Says:

    That is a great idea!

  9. lmao, that’s awesome!

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