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Recent Ava pics and lil updates March 3, 2006

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I took these last night and today. There’s nothing technically great about them (other than they are of my sweetie, of course), just some cute snapshots. 🙂

Ava, playing with her “babies” (and hamming it up) last night. (The Mandy and Jenny dolls were mine and my sister’s when we were kids.) These pics were taken right before she decided all of her dolls needed to be naked (“nake-nee”).:

Today’s weather was so awesome, we spent a good part of our day outside. First playing in the backyard, then we went for a walk around the park, then I decided to clean out my front flower beds and rake up dead grass. What a busy day! Ava, of course, was a great helper. 🙂

Here she is, helping mommy with yardwork. – (I had been sweeping off the walkway, but she decided the grass needed sweeping as well.):

My future’s so bright…:

I’ve got a delicious recipe and pics to share this weekend – Mexican polenta casserole. 🙂

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.
I’ve decided I’m taking a break from cooking tonight 😉 and we’re ordering Indian takeout (palak paneer and naan – mmmmmmm). And, since we happen to have “The Guru” from Netflix, we’ll watch that which will make it an Indian-themed night. hehe.
The weather looks to be wonderful Saturday and Sunday so we’re going to a park (to scout it out for future photoshoots) tomorrow and I’ve got a newborn photoshoot on Sunday. Plus I’m excited that I’ve booked one other photoshoot for March so far, three for April, and another possibly for May. To quote Almost Famous, “it’s all happening.” 🙂

Oh, and good news about my mother-in-law. She only had 20% blockage so there’s no need for any surgeries. They will have to do further testing though to find out why she’s having the pains. Hopefully, like someone (I think here) suggested, with some lifestyle changes she will be able to do much better. Thanks for your good thoughts for both her and my dad.


P.S. I have no idea if he reads my blog or not (we don’t really talk anymore and haven’t for years), but happy birthday to my younger brother today! He turns 29.


3 Responses to “Recent Ava pics and lil updates”

  1. Precious pictures! I’m glad to hear the good news on your mother-in-law as well.

    I spent the day on a juice fast, and I made the mistake of being within a block of the vegetarian indian food cat I’d just eaten at..and the breeze..oh my gosh I thought about caving in. Enjoy dinner! : )

  2. Camille Says:

    She is so cute!! 🙂 I love to watch them play with their babies.

    Don’t they help so well with the broom. 🙂

  3. amygeekgrl Says:

    Jess – Thank you. Hope the juice fast went well. Good for you for not caving, though I bet that food smelled awesome. 🙂 Dinner was dee-lish.

    Camille – It’s very amusing to watch Ava and her babies. It’s funny how we never pushed babies on her, but she is soooo into them. And yeah, it’s going to take some work to get her sweeping effectively. 😉 LOL

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