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Latest happenings in baby world September 25, 2006

There’s not too terribly much to report on the baby boy front, but I thought I’d post a lil update anyway since I’m quickly approaching the end of this pregnancy. Where did it all go??

I’m 32 weeks and still feeling good, though getting a bit more uncomfortable because of my growing belly. Friends have told me my belly looks small for being due in two months, but it feels huge to me.

My midwife sent me for a liver panel (labwork) a few weeks ago to make sure my liver is functioning properly, since liver function is something that breaks down with HELLP syndrome. Everything checked out good with it. I think I’m going to do another one at 36 weeks.

Also in the preventative vein, I went for more acupuncture, but this time to the acupuncture college clinic in town, where they also prescribe Chinese herbs. The supervisor of the OB/GYN clinic used to be a midwife and is very knowledgable about treating pregnant women. I met with her on Wednesday and she definitely wants to see me start on the herbs soonish. She said they are going to taste just awful and make my house smell nasty (I have to cook them up every three days and drink some twice a day), but she thinks they are the best thing I can do (even better than acupuncture) right now. So I’m going back this week to get my first batch of herbs **gulp**, as well as more acupuncture. I’m sure I’ll be reporting back. She also noted that my tongue was a little red, which in Chinese medicine means I have too much heat (though not in the traditional Western sense of heat). But it’s not a good thing for a pregnant woman to have so she’s hoping that will lessen with treatment. I don’t really understand what it means myself other than my body might be working a bit harder than it needs to.

At my last midwife appointment on Thursday, everything was good. My blood pressure is remaining normal, I’ve not had any swelling (like I did big time with Ava), baby’s heartbeat is good, he’s still head down, etc. We scheduled my next appointment for 34 weeks and also tentatively scheduled my 36 week appointment which will be “the home visit” and take place at my house rather than my midwife’s. It’s a chance for my midwife and the midwife who will be assisting her at my birth (there are generally 2 midwives at every birth) to make sure they can find my house, talk more about what will be set up where in the house (like the birthing tub), what everyone’s roles will be (Jody’s and Carrie’s – who will be here to help out with Ava), and just answer any questions we have about the birth. It’s exciting and scary to think that it’s coming up sooooooo soon!

In the meantime, I need to order my “birth kit” which contains a lot of the medical-type supplies needed for the birth and after, as well as get all of the rest of the supplies (towels, bowls, old sheets/plastic cover for the mattress, etc.) that we will need.

So that’s where we currently stand. Unfortunately, we still owe the midwife over $1,000 and have to be paid up by 36 weeks, so we’re trying to figure out where that money is going to come from. Eep. It’s kind of hard to think that if we went the hospital-route, everything would be covered by insurance, but because we’ve chosen the homebirth-route, we have to pay over $2,000 out of pocket. BUT, BUT, BUT…I really feel like it will be soooooooo worth it to experience the kind of peaceful birth that I desire in our own familiar surroundings. And there’s a good chance we can get the insurance company to reimburse us for some of the money after it’s all said and done. We just can’t hold our breath waiting for that.

The lil one continues to be an active lil guy, especially in the middle of the night when I’m trying to sleep. πŸ˜‰ Funny how that works.

Thanks for reading if you’ve made it this far. So much for being a “lil update.” LOL πŸ˜‰ And thanks for all the continued support and positive pregnancy/homebirth vibes. πŸ™‚

By the way, plaques like the one pictured above can be personalized and purchased here.


11 Responses to “Latest happenings in baby world”

  1. Amy Says:

    My goodness, the time sure has flown by for your pregnancy — at least on my end where I’m reading about it. I’m sure it feels like a LONG time for you! Are you going to show us any more belly shots?
    Thanks for your update, I enjoyed reading about your preparations. πŸ™‚

  2. Penny Says:

    Oh Amy – that’s so exciting to be getting stuff ready πŸ™‚ Can the insurance reimburse you for the supplies at least? I would have thought they would stump up for the “maternity carer” though… can’t understand the attitudes towards midwifes over there.

    I’m really glad your health is looking pretty good. Good luck with the herbs stinky as they will be.

  3. leigh Says:

    I cannot wait for you to experience this birth…what an amazing role model you will be to so many other women, to Ava…a strong, goddess woman embracing the power of birth and the mystery.
    So glad to be witnessing your journey…I remember this time of prepartion so well..the air smelled sweet and warm…dreams were vivid…and then, it began…
    deep love to you,

  4. KleoPatra Says:

    Sending love and light your way. I’m enjoying the ride with you as you prepare for this wonderful time in your life!

  5. Ninotchka Says:

    I can’t believe you’re that far along! As for the birth, it will all unfold just as it should. I’m sending you lots of good vibes for a wonderful experience. πŸ™‚

  6. Wow – I can’t believe you’re so far along. I bet you’re excited to meet this new little life in person soon. As for the home birth, that is very exciting! Did you have Ava at home? Do you have her birth story anywhere on your blog? I’d love to read it.

  7. Miriam Says:

    Oh, I’m so excited. It’s going by so quickly! I’m glad everything is going so well. Isn’t it so frustrating about having to pay out of pocket? I still grumble about the $2800 that just disappeared out of savings suddenly a few weeks before Emaline was born. It’s so unfair that insurance companies will pay thousands more for a hospital birth, but you have to fight them for a homebirth. But you know what? It’s worth every single penny – and I’m sure you know that!

    Good luck with the herbs, doesn’t sound like fun!

  8. amygeekgrl Says:

    Amy – I hope to do some more belly pics before baby boy arrives. Maybe in a couple more weeks. I have to admit to not taking any more since 28 wks. I’m a slacker.

    Penny – Yeah, the attitude towards midwives here is crazy. Why insurance cos. don’t want to pay CONSIDERABLY less for a midwife’s care rather than thousands and thousands for an OB/hospital care is beyond me. Maybe someday. I plan on submitting everything I can to the insurance co after baby boy is born so hopefully they will reimburse us for something, I just can’t count on that money.

    Leigh – Thank you for your very encouraging words. πŸ™‚

    Kleo and Nino – Thank you both, ladies. πŸ™‚

    happy mom tonja – Ava was born in the hospital. I didn’t even consider a homebirth at that time. I don’t have her birth story anywhere on my blog, but will try to get it posted one day soon.

    Miriam – Yeah, the money thing is a bummer, but I agree – sooooo totally worth it. πŸ™‚

  9. hannah Says:

    Hello, I’m not sure if I’ve commented on here before… so here I am…

    I just had to say that I am incredibly grumpy about having to have my child in a hospital, ESPECIALLY because I DO have to pay about $2,000 even though I have insurance… if I had known that I could have gone the homebirth route, for CHEAPER, I would have fought more for it when my hubby said he wanted the first one to be born in a hospital… *grrr*

    Good luck to you in your homebirth experience and the few weeks remaining to you πŸ™‚

  10. amygeekgrl Says:

    hannah – thanks for your comment and glad to have you come out of lurkdom. πŸ™‚ i left you a comment on your blog, but i just realized that i changed my mind from having a hospital birth to a homebirth around 21 weeks or so (give or take, I can’t remember exactly), so it’s really not too late for you to change your mind if that’s what you wanted to do.
    i don’t know if you know miriam – – but she had her first baby at home and had a great experience. she posted her birth story on her blog a while back.
    for me personally, i don’t think i would’ve been comfortable with a homebirth for my first, just because i didn’t know what to expect. but having done it once, i feel more confident, plus i’ve done a lot of research.
    anyway, best of luck to you no matter what you decide. it sounds like you have a great group of midwives that you are working with. πŸ™‚

  11. Tiffiny Says:

    I can’t believe you’re 32 weeks already!!! Where has the time gone? πŸ™‚

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