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Lists April 3, 2007

Filed under: Jody,Miscellaneous,My life — amygeekgrl @ 9:03 pm

I’ve always been a list person. I find that I get much more accomplished when I write/type out a list than if I just try to remember the things need to do in my head. I also feel a greater sense of accomplishment when I can cross things off and visibly see the progress I’ve made.

Tonight Jody and I sat down together and made a list of all of the things we need to work on (or hire someone to work on) both in the yard and in the house before we can think about selling it. And we assigned dates to everything to help us accomplish it all. If we stick to the list, we should have the majority of things done by June.

The list consists of about 20 items including things like having pipes fixed for the sprinkler system and dishwasher (which has been out of commission for over a year now), buying a new dishwasher, cleaning out the garage (we’ve rented a dumpster from the city to help with that), fixing our bathroom (the shower area has water damage), putting window seats in the front windows, decluttering the house (I Freecycled two bags of stuff, plus an old infant carseat today – that’s a start) some painting, and more. It’s quite a lot to get done, but I know that just by putting it all in writing, it will help us focus our efforts and work on it.

Hooray for lists and for moving forward with our plans. 🙂


6 Responses to “Lists”

  1. Amy Says:

    Congratulatiosn on getting it all on paper! I’m a TOTAL list maker as well. It helps me organize my thoughts. Lately I’ve been writing down due dates – when to accomplish each task – as that sets up goals for myself to be accountable for.

    When will you start looking at new homes to buy? What kind of house are you looking for? Since I am studying real estate, it’s naturally somethinig I’m very interested in. 😉

  2. Michelle Says:

    Good luck with the home-selling preparations. It’s not an easy thing to do, but it sounds like you have good plans in place.

    I love making lists, too!

    And how have you been living without a dishwasher for over a year?! I know it makes me sound lazy, but man, I would be pretty miserable having to handwash dishes all the time.

  3. cturpen Says:

    I’m a big list person, too. Sometimes I make them and put things on there that I’ve already done just so I can have something crossed off.

    Didn’t realize you guys were thinking about selling your house. (Is Lafayette in your future? We love it!) We have a very awesome realtor to recommnd if you’re looking…Tony Martinez w/ Stellar Properties. Think: free housewarming party, free moving van, and a very down-to-earth, honest, frank guy who interested in his clients as well as their homes. He is really great.

    And that concludes this portion of Unsoliticted Advice. 🙂

  4. Niki Says:

    I stumbled upon your blog today & have enjoyed reading 🙂
    We just moved two months ago into our home, that was a pretty wild ride (we have three children under four)!
    Hope you don’t mind if I add you to my blogroll.

  5. amygeekgrl Says:

    Amy – we haven’t gotten that far to think about when we will start looking. basically we are looking for something a bit bigger that utilizes the space better. we really don’t like our current floor plan. we’d also like a bigger yard so we don’t feel like we are on top of our neighbors.

    Michelle – yeah, the dishwasher being broken has sucked, but hasn’t been completely unbearable since jody does the majority of the dish washing. whew!

    Caroline – i do that sometimes too – put something i’ve already done on the list so i can cross it off. 😉
    thanks so much for the referral.

    Niki – welcome to my blog and congrats on your new home. 🙂 nope, i don’t mind at all if you add me. 🙂 thx!

  6. It must feel so good to have a plan! Congrats! 🙂

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