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Just thinkin’ March 20, 2007

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I was recently awarded the “Thinking Blogger Award” from Liesl of “Come, Mommy” on Sunday and then again from Eva of “Antropologa” on Monday. Thank you, Liesl and Eva! I am so honored that you have given the award to me and am glad to learn that I have inspired you (and hopefully others) to think. 🙂

I had not heard of the award before Liesl mentioned it, but a quick Google search turned up this post that seems to be the place where it all got started on Feb. 11. The “Thinking Blogger Award” is a meme-based award bestowed upon fellow bloggers who make you think. The participation rules can be found here.

My mission, should I choose to accept it (and I do!), is to pass the award on to five other bloggers who make me think. This was not an easy task for me since pretty much all of the blogs I read are “thinking” blogs. However, I decided to stick with the rules and only choose five blogs, even though I could’ve included many, many more.

Each of these ladies, through their wonderful blogs, have inspired me to think about a wide range of topics – from breastfeeding and lactivism to veganism and environmentalism to self-awareness, spirituality, motivation, and the power of being a woman. They are all very deserving of the Thinking Blogger Award.

Leigh of Mere Mortal Mama
Jennifer of The Lactivist
Christina of Dharma Mom
Amy of A Little Peek Inside
Kleo of Pisces Place

Thank you to all of the bloggers and commenters (without blogs) who inspire me to think and give my brain a workout on a daily basis. You all rock! 🙂


Happy St. Patrick’s Day March 17, 2007

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Hooray! Jody gets back from San Francisco today! He’s been gone AGAIN for four days this past week. This week was harder than last. I’m sure it’s because it was two weeks in a row of having him gone. Ava seems to miss him a lot more this week too and had a couple of really rough nights, though thankfully she slept well last night and is actually still snoozing. She needs the Zzzzzzs. Anyway, I’m happy to say he shouldn’t have to travel again for a few months.

We hooked up with some friends yesterday at a cafe and the kids got to play while we listened to live music and had lunch. Then we let the kids play outside in the grass for a while. Ava found a nice pile of fresh top soil and proceeded to cover herself in it. Good times. 😉 It was a beautiful day – sunny and near 70 degrees.

Today is supposed to be gorgeous as well and we have plans to go to a St. Patty’s day bonfire tonight at some new friends’ house. It sounds like a really good time. They eat, drink, play instruments, sing songs and tell stories around the fire. I don’t know how late we will stay since Ava has been going to bed earlier these days (plus I’m scared of all the drunks on the roads), but I think if we bring her pjs and put her in them before driving home, we’ll be OK.

We’ve been watching a lot of YouTube around here lately. Ava loves watching old Muppet and Sesame Street skits. Here’s one we recently stumbled upon…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Muppets – the Swedish chef, Animal and Beaker. 🙂 Have fun and be safe.


the dolphin massacre in japan March 5, 2007

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I urge you to take a couple of minutes to visit Christina’s blog and watch a video about the senseless and cruel slaughtering of dolphins in Japan narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. (Please make sure your small children are not around when you watch it. It is gruesome and was very difficult to watch. I ended up in tears.) After you watch the video, please take 5 seconds to sign the online petition (below the video or here) to the Prime Minister of Japan urging him to stop the killings.

Please pass this along. Perhaps our combined effort can make a difference in the lives of these poor creatures.


Biohazardous boobs, baby February 26, 2007

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If you missed the original post about an Ohio daycare center charging a breastfeeding mom an extra $50/week breast milk surcharge and labeling the milk “biohazard,” please get up to speed here or to directly to Breastfeeding 123 for the whole story.

In actuality, “the Centers for Disease Control does not consider breast milk a hazardous bodily fluid and breast milk thus does not require any special handling, protection or storage by the daycare provider. Breast-fed babies are sick less often and less severely, translating into fewer illnesses spreading to the other children and the daycare staff.”

So why is this daycare freaking out and implementing an extra charge? At this time, I believe they have yet to comment.

Jennifer of The Lactivist is trying to gain national coverage for the story. If you or anyone you know has been discriminated against by a daycare because you were breastfeeding, please contact her.

And now, to lighten the mood…
I had to LOL at my bloggin’ friend Penny when she posted this picture of herself (on a msg board) showing off her biohazardous boobs and biohazardous material container (i.e. her baby – isn’t she a doll?).

Penny’s biohazardous boobs Penny’s baby

Here’s my take on it.
Biohazardous Amy

And I decided Julian’s shirt needed rewording.
From this:
Boob man
To this:
Biohazard man

And, oh my gosh, he’s leaking biohazardous liquid all over his shirt!
Considering all of the biohazardous material these babes consume, they sure are growing cute and chunky.

Others joining in on the toxic fun…

Beware the bioharzardous Nora (Eva’s baby)!
Biohazardous Nora

Want to show off your “biohazardous” boobs or babe? Email me your pics and blog url and I’ll put them up here.

Since we’re on the subject, here’s an interesting article about breastfed babies on WebMD – Breastfed Kids Become Social Climbers British Study: Breastfed Babies 41% More Likely to Be Social, Educated Adults


Daycare charges more for breastfed babies February 25, 2007

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And here I thought the MySpace thing was bad. Get a load of this!

“There’s a mother named Robin Neorr here in the Columbus area. After her daughter was born late last year and she went back to work, she enrolled her daughter in one of the City Kids Daycare in downtown Columbus.

Robin was told that she would need to pay an extra $50 per WEEK because her 3 month old daughter is breastfed. You read that right, an extra $50 a week to feed that little girl the best food available for her.”

Read the whole article here at The Lactivist Breastfeeding Blog: City Kids DayCare Chain Charges Mom MORE Money to Watch Breastfed Infant

Like it’s not hard enough for a mom to go back to work and pump throughout the day. Now she has to deal with opposition and discrimination from her child care provider. What is wrong with this world? We need to support mothers, not make life harder for them.

If you disagree with the daycare center’s policy, please send an email – – (I just sent mine including a link to 101 Reasons to Breastfeed Your Child) or call City Kids DayCare – (614) 464-1411, or (614)777-4320 – and pass this along to get the word out. Thanks!


MySpace bans breastfeeding image

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Thanks to HappyMum on Maya’s Mom for bringing this to my attention. has removed a picture of a nursing baby (see below) from a Tacoma, Washington woman’s page because it “violates MySpace policies against nudity and sexually suggestive images.” Myspace also threatened to delete her page if she continues to post the picture. (!!!)

Here’s the photo:

MySpace banned breastfeeding picture
Here’s the story: or

Here’s the online petition to sign in response:

I think the people at MySpace could find better things to do with their time, like remove actual pornographic pictures maybe. Oy.


Pregnant in America February 17, 2007

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Have you heard about this new movie – Pregnant in America?

Pregnant in America examines the betrayal of humanity’s greatest gift–birth–by the greed of U.S. corporations. Hospitals, insurance companies and other members of the healthcare industry have all pushed aside the best care of our infants and mothers to play the power game of raking in huge profits.

His wife pregnant, first-time filmmaker Steve Buonaugurio sets out to create a film that will expose the underside of the U.S. childbirth industry and help end its neglectful exploitation of pregnancy and birth.

Pregnant in America is the controversial story of life’s greatest miracle in the hands of a nation’s most powerful interests.

You can view the trailer at the link above.

All I have to say is Wow – it’s about damn time someone made a movie about this. It definitely has the potential to be a real eye-opener in this country.