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home birth resource May 12, 2007

Articles, studies, stories and other information about home birth

May 22, 2007

My Brother Jimi JazzA children’s book about home birth. It “begins with a family preparing for the home birth of Jimi Jazz, told from the perspective of his sister. The family work together to wash the cloth nappies, cook meals for the baby moon and ready the family bed. Once the scene is set in glorious imagery painted both by the authors words and her amazing artwork, we experience the birth of Jimi Jazz. The birth is assisted by a lovely full moon, an active Mum, a doting Dad and the care of two midwives.”

May 21, 2007

Is Homebirth for You?6 Myths About Childbirth Exposed

May 20, 2007

Group wants training, standards, licensing for ‘lay’ midwivesIllinois Families for Midwifery works to license and regulate non-nurse midwives, also called “direct-entry” midwives.

May 17, 2007

A Unique Birth DVD of Unassisted Twins at HomeA birth video, birth story, and pictures of an unassisted twin birth (includes a footling breech) born at home and into their mother’s hand. – “This educational tool will move, inspire, and transform you and your students as you gain an intimate glimpse into the Goorchenko household where, after a two-and-a-half hour labor, twins Psalm & Zoya are born into their mother’s arms.”

May 16, 2007

Home birth SafetySeveral studies about the safety of home birth in low risk women

Life SupportA stealth bill has legalized midwifery in Missouri — for now.

Czech midwives claim they are not allowed to do their job “The birth of a child is an unforgettable event in a woman’s life and increasingly Czech women are convincing their partners to attend the birth and make the shared moment of happiness even more special. However many hospitals in the country still frown on the practice of allowing anyone to “get in the way” of what they perceive as a strictly medical procedure. The country has one of the lowest birth rates in the world – but many Czech women say they want more.”

May 15, 2007

DIY DeliveryMs. Becker planned throughout her pregnancy to give birth without a midwife, doctor or other birth attendant. After using a doula for her first child’s home birth, Ms. Becker decided that the job of a good midwife is to “let the process happen,” she says. So with George she decided to go solo.
Choosing to deliver without skilled help remains a controversial and uncommon choice. But now, spurred by the Internet, unassisted childbirth is reaching a broader range of women than ever before.

Midwives seek own deliveranceBill that would lift birthing restrictions is facing a fight

Western Australia to increase rate of home birthsThe West Australian government has confirmed it wants to increase the numbers of babies being born at home.
A draft policy on home births released by health minister Jim McGinty said some women would be able to have a home birth safely instead of delivering their child in hospital.
“In England and Europe, home births are commonplace,” Mr McGinty told The Australian newspaper today.”

May 13, 2007

An interview with Ricki LakeOn her “good” divorce, guitar-prodigy son, and very revealing home-birth documentary

May 12, 2007

A New Look at Home BirthA research project – “I hope you will participate in my study about home birth. I am a PhD candidate in American Studies at the University of Iowa, investigating current home birth cultures, with a strong focus on unassisted birth.”

Our Journey to Home birthBeautiful, inspiring photo montage. After having three cesarean sections, a mother runs a triathlon and has the home birth she’s always longed for.

May 11, 2007

Home Birth: The Spirit, The Science and The Mother(© 2006 Sage Femme. Running time: 46 min.) includes interviews with Dr. Marsden Wagner, Dr. Jeanine Tgettis and Dr. Fred R. Duhart as well as joyful footage from two Home Births.

MO Midwifery Bill: Stillborn Again“Advocates of home birthing will not likely see passage of a bill legalizing midwifery this year, but they’re counting the current legislative session as the most successful to date…. Davis sounds almost like a feminist activist when she talks about the issue. “Even though I’ve never had a home birth myself, I feel like I have to be a fierce defender of women who want to. The medical model treats women like a piece of meat.”
According to the advocacy group Citizens for Midwifery, Missouri is one of eleven states in which lay midwives — those who aren’t also doctors or nurses — are outlawed. …”

May 10, 2007

Group plans event to celebrate natural child birth – “A new local group wants to change the way mothers-to-be and the community think about child labor.
Monica Brasile, 31 of Iowa City, recently helped organize a new group in the area, Iowans for Childbirth Options. Brasile said the focus of the organization is to bring attention away from pregnancy being a major medical event, and shifting it back to the way it used to be, as a natural process. …”

May 9, 2007

Going it aloneWhy would anyone choose to give birth without a doctor, midwife or even her partner in attendance? Viv Groskop reports on the growing trend for freebirth

Jeannie Babb Taylor: May 2052“You’re fortunate to be living in this era,” says Nonna, brown eyes twinkling above the dimples in her wrinkled cheeks. Rachel sips at the red raspberry leaf tea, the cup clinking against the saucer as she sets it down to respond. Her grandmother is already talking again. “When I gave birth to your mother,” she goes on, “I was not allowed to eat or drink.” Rachel’s eyebrows shoot up. “The whole time?” “That’s right. Back in those days, all babies were born in hospitals — even healthy babies. …”

May 4, 2007

Ricki Lake’s “awesome” vaginaThe actress and former talk show host takes us on a magical mystery tour through natural childbirth in her new documentary.


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